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How The Town Learned To Dance
Author Meow Randomkitten
Synopsis People who have never once had fun learn to dance
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Once upon a time, in a far away land where the sun doesn't shine, a small child named Anthony was born. In this far away land, all the people that lived there had never once had fun. They had never danced, or played, or even smiled. When Anthony was five, he went to school, and always dreamed of having fun. he tried so many ways, but it never worked. As he got older, he gave up on having fun. He started concentrating on work, and forgot about having fun all together. One day when he was an adult, a mysterious man came to town. His clothes were colorful, and he had a long beard and hair. Anthony asked the man what his business was and he said that he was a dancer, here to preform. Anthony told him that the people were not interested in dance, and that he should go home. The man said that he would dance until the people smiled, and that's just what he did. For seven days and six nights, the man danced in the town square. The night after the seven days were over Anthony went out next to the man, and started copying what he was doing. Anthony enjoyed it, and started to smile. The next day, Anthony walk around town smiling, and dancing. Everyone in the town started doing the same, and at the end of the day everyone in the town was happy. Anthony thanked the dancing man, and said sorry about telling him to leave. The man forgave him and went on his way. To this day not one of the villagers has had a frown on their face. And that is the story of how the town learned to dance.