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To the moon is a very tense and dramatic game

but of course every drama has it's own comedic acts

i have played the game (for 8-9 hours) straight and i have seen the ending

i won't spoil on what the ending is

but the mission on to the moon is that you have to fulfill an old man's last dying wish

there are so many questions that you can't answer which makes it more intense than it already is and which also makes you wonder on why.

i cried at the ending (most of the game i did cry)

so i think you shouold play it :')

(P.S if your computer or you don't like to download things i suggest you watch other YouTubers to play the game because my friend doesn't want to pay the game so she asked me if she could play it in my house but my parents wouldn't allow me to bring friends over so she watched ChaoticMonki play it instead)

also if you want a serious gamer yet comedic go to ChaoticMonki's channel (his voice is soothing)

and if you want a non-serious gamer yet still funny go to PewDiePie (he's cool but noisy)